2017 – My Year in Bullet Points

A year in review... Stayed awake until midnight on New Year’s Eve; Slept in until noon on New Year’s Day; Changed diet/exercise routine; Lost 30lbs! Gained back 5lbs; Cupcake intake remained unchanged; Resolved to purchase one indie book a month and post a review; Bought way more than that; Wrote reviews for each one 🙂 … Continue reading 2017 – My Year in Bullet Points


Well… That was Disappointing.

I’m a huge fan of Twitter hashtag games, especially #authorconfession (created by the talented @_JM_Sullivan). This past week, there was an interesting prompt: advice for fellow writer on how to deal with rejection. (Sidebar: if you’re a writer looking to connect more with the online community, I cannot encourage you enough to try hashtag games. They’re … Continue reading Well… That was Disappointing.

Sneak Peek: Have a Little Fate

(Fair warning: Holly has a mouth as considerate as her personality, so foul language ahead.) A Quick Synopsis: Holly Papadopoulos has been blessed with good fortune. Her father’s inheritance gave her financial freedom. She married  her college sweetheart, David. And she's the youngest marketing executive for Toronto’s top frozen yogurt restaurant chain where she works … Continue reading Sneak Peek: Have a Little Fate

I Gotta Have Faith – My Top Ten Favorite Optimists

Can I just say how happy I am that the optimists seem to be making a comeback? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good anti-heroine/hero. Over the past decade or so, it seems like there’s been a resurgence of protagonists with—gasp—flaws. But with all the gritty reboots and bleak dystopias, there are still characters … Continue reading I Gotta Have Faith – My Top Ten Favorite Optimists